Natural Stone vs. Cultured Stone

Achieving an elegant appearance, as well as durability, in a stone building project begins with product selection. While there are numerous manufacturer's of faux stone that try to attain a "natural" appearance in their product, Arnold Stone delivers genuine thin veneer stone and dimensional stone. Arnold Stone's natural products are impervious to chemicals that might be found on a project site, unlike vulnerable cultured products which may fade, crack, or stain even without the introduction of a chemical. Because of its durability, natural stone is much easier to clean, and there is no worry of defacing the product. Arnold Stone's natural stone thin veneer is easy to install and can be confidently cut on-site to accommodate any installation.

The Good, The Bad, & The Faux

Faux (cultured) stone is nothing more than concrete aggregate poured into forms and casts, then dyed to look like stone. Man-made stone does not cut like natural stone and can easily chip revealing a concrete interior. Faux stone is easily distinguishable and is very unattractive. A cultured veneer stains, cracks, fades, and is simply inferior to a natural stone veneer.